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Giovanni Alberto

Book Director and Actors
The Retunr
                                        of the Aether in Physics ...
Why Einstein Theory is
                                        Wrong ... The Physics of Lord Jesus
                                        Miracles An Introduction to Quantum

High Physics, High Math, Life, Cosmology and
The Theory of Everything

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      This Website is dedicated to Book Collection ... "High Physics, High Math, Life, Cosmology and the Theory of Everything".

These Three Volumes plan to restructuring Physics and Mathematics.

Particularly interesting is the Mathematics, we call "Quantum" because related to Time-Frames, used by Egyptian and of course they do not have microscope, or telescope according to Modern Science (Carnal, not Divine).

Mathematics have introduced Complex Numbers, Quaternions (used by James Maxwell) and then removed ... High Schools Students are unaware of his 20 Equations ... as well Einstein claim ... no Aether, no Life in Other Planets, no Speed of Light Variable ... No, No, ... No ... but is .. Yes, Yes, Yes ... and there are many "Yes".

Religious Priests have no idea about How Lord Jesus realize the miracles ... but ...


Just in Our Solar System ... there are more planets and were more Planets ... than any Students study ... How is possible that? ... Not Gravity, not Electromagnetism are full conquered ... is a Science walking between Shadows, Lost in Time ... Opps Time ... Do you know we are ascending ... to 4D? ... then 5D? ...


Some Important Books ...

                                          Secreto de los Andes
Shakespeare and the Bible
The Art of Building your
                                          Personal Operating System ...
443 Questions and Answers
                                          on New Age
New Age Vocabulary
Saint Germain on Alchemy
The Science to Getting